Vapor Trail

Vapor Trail

Flavor Description:

Ice cold refreshing menthol and juicy watermelon.


Improved Blend: So we were using 2 different blends for a while. Some liked one where others liked the other. We've simplified things. Vapor Trail is now a blend of the two and is 'Oh So Delish' and better than ever!


Lunartic says,

Did you know, when the Moon is not visible from the Earth, it sometimes snows?  Like, REALLY snows.  Since the warming rays of the Sun are blocked by good ‘ole planet Earth (yep, it’s still a planet last I checked) we get some pretty crazy blizzards.  Now most of the resident Lunartics don’t like going outside during a Lunar blizzard.  Not Blipp and me.  And, yesiree, it is Damn Cold during those blizzards.  Blipp loves to put a few bananas in a big snow drift, let them freeze then eat them like popsicles.  Me, I just like to vape!  So I have a special “Damn It’s Cold” vape juice just for blizzard days.  I start it with my favorite summer chiller, Watermelon, put a touch of Lunar Blizzard in there and think about a hot summer day.  Warms me up and cools me down at the same time.  Lunarcy!  Blipp likes it too!