Sweet Mother of Mercury

Sweet Mother of Mercury

Flavor Description:

Big Smooth Tobacco flavor, Vanilla and caramel. This is some of the Lunartics' all-day vape!


Lunartic says,

Space ships are really fast.  And, sometimes, they are a little erratic, wobbly you know.  I was really surprised at how many crazy vibrations and eerie pops and creaks occur during a trip to Moon Mountain.  On my first trip to Moon Mountain, I think we ran over a space-squirrel or something and when I felt all that shaking I just blurted out; “Sweet Mother of Mercury, what was that?”  Man was I a wreck.  I knew that I needed a vape right away so I got out my mixing kit and started mixing up a juice that was not erratic, that felt like my dear old grand daddy Jack’s house.  I guess I mix better when I’m scared ‘cause I tell ya, it was a GREAT vape.  All the other Lunartics onboard said I should call it “Sweet Mother of Mercury,” so I did.  If you like a plain old RuYan mix then you are in for a booster rocket ride to the moon.  Take your tried and true Tobaccy, add a little toasted sweetness and some nectar sauce, shake it like crazy and you have “Sweet Mother of Mercury.”  Ahhh, that’s better.


PG/VG = 60/40