Space Ape

Space Ape

Flavor Description:

If you like Bananas this is it, BIG banana flavor upfront with a mix of smooth caramel.


Lunartic says,

“No pets allowed!”  That’s what it says right on the Lunartic Rocket door.  What tha..?  Look, I love animals but if I’m gonna have a pet, it’s gotta be smarter than me.  Wait, that didn’t come out right.  Suffice it to say, any pet of mine has to be really, really smart.  So yeah, my pet is a Space Ape named Blipp.  There was no way I was gonna leave Blipp behind on Earth.  So I found him a little space suit and into the Lunartic Rocket we went.  Haha, no one even noticed that his tail was hanging out.  Once we got to Moon Mountain I casually told all the Lunartics that I just found Blipp outside, behind a pile of moon rocks (yeah, the crazy color changing ones) and I couldn't just leave him there.  They all agreed, and to celebrate the occasion, I whipped up a batch of “Space Ape” vape juice.  It’s a blend of Blipp’s favorite banana flavor with some special sweet nectar sauce.  I think you’ll go Ape over it.


PG/VG = 60/40