Solar Flare

Solar Flare

Flavor Description:

Definitely takes the smell good prize, not to mention flavors bursting with pomegranate and lemonade.


Lunartic says,

Have you ever tried to look straight at the sun?  I know you have.  Hurts the eyeballs just thinking about it doesn't it?  Now, a Lunartic can look at a Nebula with any good pair of binoculars but checking out the sun, especially when it’s “flaring” up, well that requires special equipment.  Fortunately, the Moon Mountain Vapor company provides all Lunartics with special “Solar Flare” viewing goggles so that our eyes don’t burn out of our head.  Sometimes we go over to Apollo’s viewing deck for a “Solar Flare” watch party.  It’s always a crazy time.  Got me to thinking, I need a special “Solar Flare” watch party vape juice.   “Solar Flare” is not just any old watch party vape juice, no sir.  Think of a fruit that kinda looks like the sun (it’s tropical and starts with P, OK, it’s a Pomegranate) and cool it off with some good old fashion lemony-ade and there you go.  “Solar Flare” is in the house.  Boom!


PG/VG = 60/40