Set Down Delight

Set Down Delight

Flavor Description:

We're from Florida, we know what key lime pie should taste like, key lime, cheesecake and lemons. With great tangy flavor.


Lunartic says,

Every now and then, even a Moon crazy Mountain Lunartic needs a vacation.  When it's time for me to take a break, I like going back to Earth.  Earth is good because I can see my dear old grand daddy Jack and I can pick up mixing supplies.  The only really awful thing about the trip is that dang Set Down.  You know, that moment when the wheels on the rocket ship touch good old terra firma.  When you hear the screech of the wheels on the landing pad, a delightful feeling of relief overcomes all of the fear.  First thing I do is have a celebration vape of "Set Down Delight."  What's in it you ask?  It's like a juicy, tangy little limon wrapped up in a special Lunar cake made from creamy Moon cheese and a drop or two of.....?  All I can say is “YES... I love it!”


PG/VG = 60/40