Cosmo's Custard

Cosmo's Custard

Flavor Description:

Warm and Smooth Vanilla Custard.


Lunartic says,
Blip is my best friend. As friends do, sometimes Blip and I agree, sometimes we don’t. I love custard, and Blip, well, Blip loves bananas. Of course Blip loves bananas, he is a monkey after all, and he is a Space Ape (sorry, shameless plug.) One night Blip and I were discussing the finer points of the delicious desserts that the Lunartic kitchen occasionally puts out. Whether it’s Creme Caramel, Flan, Boston or Bavarian cream, we both love them. Blip thinks that more bananas are needed. There is one dessert that Blip and I agree on……….. Cosmo’s Custard!

Woah, wait up…… what is Cosmo’s Custard? Well, if you know and love Custard as I do then you might dare to guess. But hey, I won’t make you be a guessing fool like Blip. Yes, there are no bananas! Blip is pissed but what can I say?

I had to vape it! I totally stole this recipe from Karl over in the Lunartic kitchen. Vanilla, Cream and just a touch of Special Lunartic sauce makes this a vape that even Blip loves. No bananas!


PG/VG = 60/40