Buzz Berry

Buzz Berry

Flavor Description:

Fusion of three berries, Blueberry, Razzberry with a hint of Blackberry


Lunartic says,

There once was a vaper named Buzz,

He loved to vape berries with Fuzz,

But the berry with Fuzz,

Was indeed Buzz's Cuzz,

So now he's a Buzz that Wazz!


OK, so Lunartics are not great at limericks.  But hey, we make great juice and our lips have kissed the Stone of Blarney.  Funny thing is, this vape juice has no Fuzz but lot’s of Buzz and the Buzz is good.  Name a berry, (but please, only blue, black and razz) it’s in there!  Buzz away Fuzz man.


PG/VG = 60/40